Preventive medicine: what it is and why everyone needs it
Sleep, nutrition, movement, mood, rest, energy, health - choose which of these areas of your life you want to correct.
What it is
Preventive medicine will introduce you to your body. Medical centers open the boundaries of self-discovery for daily control over physical and emotional resources. To study the parameters of the organism, track progress and literally with our own hands (and by the hands of professionals) simulate new dimensions of life - this is what modern methods strive for.
Preventive medicine is an ideology, it is a way to manage your health, preserve it and predict and prevent diseases. This concept was first used by an American scientist and, in modern terms, the first "biotechnologist" - Leroy Edward Hood. In his opinion, medicine should be based on the 4R principle: predectivity (prediction), prevention (prevention), personalization and participation (the patient is also involved in treatment). So, in the USA, concierge medicine has been flourishing for a long time - check-ups, dispensaries, medical supervision, while in Russia this area is just beginning to develop.
Disease prevention using personal tracking and checkups. The same 4Ps that Leroy Edward Hood spoke about: predectivity (prediction), prevention (prevention), personalization and participation (the patient is also involved in the treatment).
Only the analyzes you need, tailored to your needs and the history collected by the curators. Experts assess you in five different states: sleep quality, nutrition, physical activity, stress level and emotional background. And then - they conduct targeted tests - they take blood to check the level of certain vitamins and hormones (nothing superfluous - just what to check for you).
Step 2 - Targeted analyzes
State assessment to develop a personal improvement strategy based on a professional questionnaire and analyzes. The strategy may include physiotherapy, nutraceuticals and iV-therapy (more about it below).
Step 3 - Health Tracker
At this stage, a specialist curator is usually assigned to you, who is constantly in touch, he knows everything about your needs, habits and health status. All curators use the scientific base of the American Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Institute of Functional Medicine, and in all controversial cases consult with Western colleagues.
Step 1 - Preventive Medicine
Step 4 - Curator
Everyone is used to the fact that medicine is necessarily the treatment of some kind of disease, the restoration of the body, something that helps them even when they feel unwell. But we are determined to change this perception.
Why is she needed
The necessary nutrients are quickly delivered to the body. The menu includes Detox (for cleansing and rejuvenation), Energy (for energy), Afterparty (after a party, flight or 24-hour workday), Immunity (for immunity), Newman Recovery (for recovery), Newman Training (for workouts).
Step 5 - iV-therapy
Modern drugs that you can take home and correct your condition.Salmon, tuna, and other fatty fish will increase bone strength. In addition to their vitamin D and calcium content, they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
Step 6 - Nutraceuticals
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