A clear mission, a transparent culture.
Our philosophy is as simple and clear as our ingredients. if we wouldn't take it, we don't make it.
At Dr.Meyer, our mission is to ensure everyone has access to safe, high-quality supplements that actually work. We research and produce innovative products that are science-backed and always third-party tested for potency and purity. No frills, no fillers, no flash — just simple, effective supplements for all.
We have a time-tested process in place to help us ensure we're sticking to our mission of providing safe and high-quality supplements. One piece of the puzzle is through the use of hero ingredients in our supplements. Hero ingredients are extensively backed by strong research and comprised of the highest-quality raw ingredients available. We source only from reputable suppliers and manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A.
How we do it
We love figuring out the science of natural health. Everything starts with extensive research. We research the best ingredients, the clinical effects of those ingredients and the best ways to improve our customers' lives through new and better products.
It's important for us to find the purest, cleanest and most ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients manufactured in the U.S.A. The health of our customers comes first, but it doesn't have to come at an unnecessary cost to the environment and our ecosystems.
At the core of our success are the quality of our products and our customers' happiness and health. Any ingredient that doesn't pass our extremely high standards doesn't find its way into any of our supplements. All of our ingredients are third-party tested for purity and potency.
We will never use anything but pure, standardized, science-backed ingredients. A huge part of living our mission is through the use of hero ingredients in our supplements. Hero ingredients are extensively backed by strong, objective research and comprised of only the most potent ingredients available. And we never hide behind proprietary blends, so you know that you're getting the clinically effective dose of every ingredient.
No frills, no fillers, no nothing.
A simple promise
in a complex space
Our promise to you has always been honesty and transparency. We want you to know what you're putting in your body, and we take every effort to show you what is in our products, where it comes from, and WHY we believe it works.
Backed by Science
When we say "backed by science," we mean it. But not all scientific backing is the same. Some studies show promising, but limited, information about supplements. Other research is strong and has been conducted over long periods of time. Some studies contradict each other, and data is changing rapidly. Using vague or inconclusive research to back up claims doesn't help us fulfill our mission of giving you supplements that really work.
Honest evaluation
We don't always have all the answers, but we are working hard every day to advance supplement research through honest practices using reliable data.
The whole picture
Just because an ingredient has been studied doesn't mean it is proven. We evaluate promising research and conduct an exhaustive search for studies that support the initial findings, pushing toward innovation.
Respect tradition, question convention
Herbs and minerals have been used in medicine for centuries. We strive to find the most recent and persuasive studies on observable, scientific benefits of nontraditional medicine.
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